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Would you rather keep moving or settle down? Why or why not?

I have moved so many times in my life. The first was when my parents and sister were murdered, and I was adopted by a police officer and his wife who had recently lost their own son. When I found out that police officer had led the attack on my parents' home, I ran away. Since then my life has been on the move from a madrassa to following Hilal.

Now I am back in Kashmir, but that still doesn't mean I am not moving. We move from safehouse to safehouse because if the police find us, they will kill us.

Sometimes, I think about how nice it would be to settle down. I know it's impossible, but I still think about it. I know just how it should look because I drew the picture a long time ago. It is a red house, up in the mountains where there's snow, except for the green cricket pitch. With me is Sufi, and we would both be so happy.

I was a child when I drew that picture, and I have not been that child for a long time.


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