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Mun Prompt: Mun Prompt: Season Finales are traumatising muses all over LJ. How do you decide when to stray from canon with your muse and when to toe the line and "stay the course"? At what point do you decide that a muse is no longer canon and they've become an AU muse? Have you ever reached the point with a muse where the changes that were made to them in canon were too much for you and made you think about giving up a muse?

As a general rule, I don't write characters from current or evolving canon, mostly for the reason that I don't like waiting to see week after week what happens to him, or if what I write in prompts or RP will get 'Joss'd' in the next episode or season. I do prefer finished canons because I already have all the canon information right there without having to wonder if it's going to change. That's not to say that I don't mind taking a character AU.

In Altaaf's case, I am so far writing him in accordance with his canon. While he has befriended someone ([ profile] theprivate_ryan) outside of his canon, I've kept his motives, beliefs, and objectives the same that he has in the movie as well as keeping to the actual events in prompts. However, I am planning to diverge from canon at the end of the movie and take Altaaf AU. It is a Bollywood film, and so it has a nice, happy ending with the evil Hilal destroyed and Altaaf reconciled with his adoptive father and childhood sweetheart. And that's good, I liked it, but it is a bit simplistic of an ending, and more to the point it would limit what I can write after, seeing as I do prefer less neat endings.

Do I mind taking him AU? No, in doing so, it will open up more possibilities for Altaaf and still give him a danger to be avoided and maybe eventually confronted, plus he will also have more opportunity to interact with others and continue his friendship with Ryan. Once their current thread is done, and Altaaf has things to think about as well as dealing with some issues presented in canon, I'll be ready to let him take that different route.
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Who or what is your muse angry about? Altaaf is angry at two things, what he sees as the illegal occupation of Kashmir by India and also his adoptive father, Inayat Khan.

Why? His opposition to Indian rule has been developed from the fact that police killed his parents and sister while hunting a terrorist fighting for Kashmir's independence, but it was nurtured when Altaaf fled to Pakistan and attended a madrassa and later a training camp. Connected to this, and the main driving force for his anger and hate, is his grief and betrayal by the Kashmiri police chief, Inayat Khan who led the raid on Altaaf's family home, murdering his family, and then adopted Altaaf. It was after Altaaf discovered the truth that he fled,

What is the most outrageous thing they have ever done? He has recently flown to America with a pretty Texan girl.

How does your muse foresee their end? He fully expects, and welcomes the fact, that he will die, martyring himself, in pursuit of jihad This is why his mentor, Hilal Kohastani, sets him up to be the key part of Mission: Kashmir; Altaaf doesn't worry about death, as long as he gets a chance to kill Khan before that happens.

If they are mortal or Immortal, describe this in detail. Altaaf is mortal.

Does your muse believe in magic? He enjoys simple magic tricks, but as far as greater magic is concerned, no. Anything mysterious or unexplainable can be attributed to Allah.

Is your muse religious? What religion, if any, do they practice? Yes, he is Muslim, and through his education in Pakistan, an extremist. However, although Altaaf will adamantly swear that he is devoted to Islam and is fighting for his belief, it really is his thirst for revenge that is the greater driver. This has been manipulated by Hilal, and Altaaf is fully indoctrinated and brainwashed in the way his revenge and faith have been inextricably entwined in his mind.

Is it formal or casual? Even though he's been indoctrinated into fundamentalist Islam, and through that believes that terrorism is a way of carrying out Allah's wishes, his practices are a blend of formal and casual. He and Hilal pray together, and he obeys the tenets as they've been taught to him as well as observing things such as haram foods. He can't worship formally in a mosque as it would be too public for him, as a wanted terrorist. Altaaf is tolerant of other religions. His adoptive mother is Hindu, and she used to take him to the temple as a child, as well as the mosque, not that he lets that be known amongst his brotheers.
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Ficlet: A very close friend has crossed the line, and be it whether through a business or personal matter you feel betrayed or worse. Describe the situation, how you deal with it, the emotional cycle you go through, and how this affects your friendship.

Ten Years Previously. Srinagar, Kashmir

It had taken a long time for Altaaf to become part of the Khan family. Thanks to Nilu, the nightmares of that night in Dalgate had faded. The crayoned drawings that he had so frantically scribbled in those first few days after his adoption of the masked man with the terrible eyes who had led the attack that had killed his parents and sister. Over time, he had come to call Nilu, ammi. It had taken longer for him to call Inayat Khan abba, but one day during a game of cricket, he had implored him so to bowl that the diminutive for father had just spilled out naturally. Later, he had drawn a picture of that wonderful day with he and Inayat playing cricket on a snowfield near a red house high in the mountains. For the first time since his family's murders he had been truly happy and loved his new family.

That night, for the first time, Inayat and Nilu had gone out leaving him home to do his homework. His pencil had broken, and he went on a search for another or a sharpener. He was looking through abba's desk and pulled open a drawer. In it was a gun, a revolver, but Inayat Khan was the SSP of the Kashmir Police and so it was a surprise, but that was not what really caught his attention. With it was a black wool mask. He took it out with dread. It looked like the same mask of his nightmares. Horror and panic rising in him, he ran to get his crayons and found a photo of Khan. He took a black crayon and coloured around Khan's face, blocking out all but his eyes as if he was wearing that mask.

Altaaf would never forget the man who haunted his dreams, and now he stared down at the photo of his adopted father and saw the same murderer who had made him an orphan. Hate filled his heart as he realized the truth. Hate and fear and revulsion, feelings that he could barely comprehend, but that told him what he must do. He pulled the murderer's mask over his head, letting his eyes look through the same hole those terrifying ones had. He took the gun and hid.

Inayat and Nilu came home after a nice evening out, looking forward to telling their son all about it. As Nilu went to change, Inayat went to the desk in the bedroom to set down his watch. It was then he noticed the drawer was still open and the gun and mask missing. Watching from the louvred closet door, Altaaf could see him look around and call for him. Holding the gun tightly, he stepped out, pointing the heavy weapon at his abba. The gun wavered from the weight and his outstretched arms as he pulled the trigger. It went wild, missing Inayat by a lot. In defence, he threw a stool at his adopted son, sending the gun flying and taking Altaaf down. There was no remorse in the young eyes that looked back with hate and the need for vengeance. The eyes of a boy betrayed totally by the one he had come to trust absolutely. It seemed Khan was just as frozen, just standing there as Nilu came running in, making no move to call for his police outside.

That's when Altaaf scrambled up and jumped out of the window, fleeing from a life destroyed by betrayal to be alone with his nightmares of that masked man, his father.
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Who are you involved with romantically? No one. There is Sufiya Parvez, or Sufi as I call her. We knew each other as children in Dalgate before 23 June that year. When I returned to Kashmir, she had her own television programme. I watched her dance, and she was beautiful. We went out on a shikara, and it could have been so good.

Is the relationship satisfying? No, it cannot be. I am a jihadist. There is no room for a relationship. It would not be wise, either.

Do you think that you make enough time for each other? Why or Why not? Because she is a TV star and I am a jihadist. But that time on the shikara, when I told her how my family's deaths still affect me, was something that I treasure.

Have past relationships ever gotten in the way of the current one? Elaborate. No, Sufi has always been the one I have wanted. The only thing that is in the way, is perhaps my relationship with my bhais and Hilal.

Do your viewpoints mainly agree or disagree? We agree that Kashmir should be free, but she believes that it can be achieved through peaceful ways. I do not. This is why we cannot be together, and why I had to use her to get my brothers access to a transmitter tower.

Do you foresee it lasting? It has not lasted. It barely begun. She does not understand why I must do this. She told me to leave when I tried to explain.

How close to your dream mate is this person? I would once liked to think that she was my dream mate. I would have liked to marry her, but it will never be.


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