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For this Wednesday, either find or create an image that gives you a sense of peace.

My homeland, a shikara on Dal Lake, this is how peaceful Kashmir should be.
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Write a scene or story that features your character painting (pictures, houses, whatever you choose).

I have always loved to draw and colour, ever since I was a child. My parents were poor, but for Eid they would always get me paper and crayons, and I would race off to the lake's edge and draw what I saw. And in Kashmir, there is so much that is beautiful it inspires an artist, even one as young as I was then. The mountains, the lake, all of it a paradise.

The picture I drew before my family was killed )
The picture I drew when I moved in with the Khans )
Happy times that were too brief )

I still like to draw and paint, although I haven't in so long. There is no time and no inspiration. If I did, it would all be bombs and bullets, the smoke and flame that fills my head at night. Why should paint those things?

(OOC: Pictures used are those Altaaf drew in Mission Kashmir. My skills suck, so this was definitely the better way. :))


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