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A list of ways you're different from the rest of your family.

1. I am alive.
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2. Make a list of things people assume about you.

I'm a terrorist.
I do not want peace.
I do not love Kashmir.
My only motive is religious doctrine.
My only motive is revenge.
I'm naive.
I listen to Hilal too much.
I should move on from my parent's deaths.
I should forgive Inayat Khan for murdering them.
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Make a list of reasons why you don't celebrate the holidays.

-- I am Muslim
-- I do not celebrate infidel holidays
-- I observe those of Islam
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2. Make a list of obsessions.

-- To free Kashmir
-- To kill Inayat Khan

4. Make a list of hopes.

-- That one day, Inshallah, I shall know peace.
-- That one day, Kashmir will be free of Indian rule.
-- That my nightmares will stop.
-- That Sufi will forgive me for using her.
-- That I will remain a good Muslim and Allah's servant.
-- That I will make Hilal proud.
[locked]-- That Ryan will become a good friend.[/locked]
-- That I will avenge my family and kill Inayat Khan.
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1. Make a list of people you would take a bullet for.

-- Sufiya
-- Neelima Khan
-- Hilal
And most of all
-- Allah

2. Make a list of people you would put a bullet in.

I would sooner blow them up with one of my missiles, but

-- the Indian regime controlling Kashmir
-- enemies of Allah
and most of all
-- IG Inayat Khan
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*all messages are in Kashmiri*

Can you come to the TV studio? Sufi

We need to talk. abba

please altaaf, i want to see you. ammi

i can get away tomorrow. ammi

no. i will leave after inayat leaves. ammi

I can help you, Altaaf. abba

I miss you. Sufi

i miss you. ammi
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A list of last messages. (Written but not delivered on the day of the attack on the TV tower)

1. For Hilal Kohistani, Shukriya, you have taught me everything in becoming a devoted soldier of Allah. I am proud to be your missile.
2. For Sadiq-bhai, I would have cheered for you if you had run for Kashmir.
3. For Zubair-bhai, I will never understand why cameras are more important than missiles in jihad.
4. For Nilu...ammi, I'm sorry, but how can you expect me not to hate him?
5. For Sufi, I'm sorry. I love you, forever, and I hope you'll remember that what ever happens.
6. For Inayat Khan. Happy Birthday, Khan-saab. I hope you like my present.
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1. My name is Atlaaf Khan.
2. I am a twenty-one year old Muslim from India-controlled Kashmir.
3. When I was eleven my parents became unwilling hosts to a terrorist.
4. They and my sister were killed when masked gunman searching for him came and killed him.
5. I always see the smoke and the bullets of that night. And his eyes.
6. I was adopted by the Inspector General of Police and his wife, who had recent lost their son in an accident.
7. After I came to call them ammi and abba I discovered that Khan-saab had led the raid on my family's home. He is the killer I see in my nightmares.
9. I ran and was then raised by a Pathan, Hilal, who taught me how to fire a gun, fire a missile, and how to channel my hate.
10. Now I am a jihadist who will free Kashmir from the infidels.
11. And I will kill Khan-saab -- abba -- for murdering my innocent family.


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