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Once, when he was a small child, Altaaf celebrated his real birthday. Then one day the masked police burst into his parent’s home. The terrorists killed, but before his young eyes so were his mother, father and sister, shot down in a cloud of smoke, bullets, and blood. That day in Dalgate, June 23rd, became his new birthday.

It remained so for far too many years as he learned to hone his hate and revenge.

Now that was the past. Now he had his new life, with Ryan, and his birthday was once again the anniversary of his real birth.
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[old] What are you wearing today? [new] What are in your pockets?

Like most everyday, I wear a kurta Which is the traditional clothing in Kashmir and Pakistan. It is comfortable, cool and modest. I'm wearing a beige one today.

My kurta )
And these are more the other clothes and things I usually have, even if I'm not carrying them all the time.

The earrings were the ones Sufi gave back to me. I don't wear them. *grin*
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What abilities and skills does your character have?
Altaaf has been fully indoctrinated in jihad and fundamentalist Islam, and it can be argued brainwashed. He was trained in camps in Afghanistan (his canon is set pre-9/11) with the intent that he would be part of a jihadist cell in India-controlled Kashmir with the intent of liberating his country. Within the cell, he is the expert in missile launchers and RPGs and has some leadership capabilities, being the nominal strategist amongst them, even if he is just as manipulated as his brothers. What helps his abilities is that, as his master Hilal knows, he has no other reason for living except the mission and his own revenge, and as such is expendable. Altaaf is also something of an artist, or at least he may well have been had he gone down a different path. He loved drawing as a child, before his life got turned upside down, and in his daydreams, he sees himself painting. Also, he's not bad at singing and dancing.

How do you get these skills/abilities across when roleplaying or writing for said character?
Well, he has mentioned his love of drawing and dancing a couple of times to people in RP. Otherwise, he's not demonstrated his jihadist training in RP, although in his conversations with [ profile] theprivate_ryan he has told her about what he is, what his life is like, and how he has totally bought all that Hilal has told him about being 'his missile'.

How well do you think you do at this portrayal? How might you improve?
At the moment, he is still a developing character, and he has little to do to really show this as of yet. As his story continues, his training will become an important part of what happens to him, and his skills will be shown.
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List it all. Tattoos, piercings, scars, jewelry, and any other weird thing you've done to yourself. What adorns your flesh that sets you apart from all the other kids?

I have scars. The two most noticeable are the one on my left hand and the one just above my left eye. I sustained these both in battles, and I will gladly take more in this war to be successful.

I also have two thumbs on my right hand. The extra one curves inwards from my main thumb. It doesn't bother me, and it doesn't hinder me in any way.

But I didn't chose those for myself. The scars were given by enemies, and my extra thumb by Allah.
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Would you rather keep moving or settle down? Why or why not?

I have moved so many times in my life. The first was when my parents and sister were murdered, and I was adopted by a police officer and his wife who had recently lost their own son. When I found out that police officer had led the attack on my parents' home, I ran away. Since then my life has been on the move from a madrassa to following Hilal.

Now I am back in Kashmir, but that still doesn't mean I am not moving. We move from safehouse to safehouse because if the police find us, they will kill us.

Sometimes, I think about how nice it would be to settle down. I know it's impossible, but I still think about it. I know just how it should look because I drew the picture a long time ago. It is a red house, up in the mountains where there's snow, except for the green cricket pitch. With me is Sufi, and we would both be so happy.

I was a child when I drew that picture, and I have not been that child for a long time.


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