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"Ryan? Please, it's Altaaf. I need help." She was the only one he could think of to call any more. In his voice, it was clear he was frightened and hurt. Everyone else was dead or thought of him as dead or a terrorist. It was two days after the fight on the lake. He had managed to swim to safety despite his wounds. The bullet in his side had passed clean through, but he had also been hit in the shoulder, and it needed seeing to, but he couldn't risk going to a doctor. The little bit of news that he had heard, reported that not only had the jihadists been killed, but so had IG Inayat Khan. And Altaaf mourned twice, for his father who he had finally managed to forgive, and for the fact only Khan had known Altaaf was innocent of this plot, and who the news were broadcasting as being behind the plot. Even Sufi was reporting that.

He had found one medic, a nurse, who was willing to at least tend his wounds as best as possible outside of a hospital, and somehow just knew they wouldn't report him even though he would quickly wear out his welcome.

There was only Ryan left to turn to.
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Who are you involved with romantically? No one. There is Sufiya Parvez, or Sufi as I call her. We knew each other as children in Dalgate before 23 June that year. When I returned to Kashmir, she had her own television programme. I watched her dance, and she was beautiful. We went out on a shikara, and it could have been so good.

Is the relationship satisfying? No, it cannot be. I am a jihadist. There is no room for a relationship. It would not be wise, either.

Do you think that you make enough time for each other? Why or Why not? Because she is a TV star and I am a jihadist. But that time on the shikara, when I told her how my family's deaths still affect me, was something that I treasure.

Have past relationships ever gotten in the way of the current one? Elaborate. No, Sufi has always been the one I have wanted. The only thing that is in the way, is perhaps my relationship with my bhais and Hilal.

Do your viewpoints mainly agree or disagree? We agree that Kashmir should be free, but she believes that it can be achieved through peaceful ways. I do not. This is why we cannot be together, and why I had to use her to get my brothers access to a transmitter tower.

Do you foresee it lasting? It has not lasted. It barely begun. She does not understand why I must do this. She told me to leave when I tried to explain.

How close to your dream mate is this person? I would once liked to think that she was my dream mate. I would have liked to marry her, but it will never be.


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