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Mun Prompt: Mun Prompt: Season Finales are traumatising muses all over LJ. How do you decide when to stray from canon with your muse and when to toe the line and "stay the course"? At what point do you decide that a muse is no longer canon and they've become an AU muse? Have you ever reached the point with a muse where the changes that were made to them in canon were too much for you and made you think about giving up a muse?

As a general rule, I don't write characters from current or evolving canon, mostly for the reason that I don't like waiting to see week after week what happens to him, or if what I write in prompts or RP will get 'Joss'd' in the next episode or season. I do prefer finished canons because I already have all the canon information right there without having to wonder if it's going to change. That's not to say that I don't mind taking a character AU.

In Altaaf's case, I am so far writing him in accordance with his canon. While he has befriended someone ([ profile] theprivate_ryan) outside of his canon, I've kept his motives, beliefs, and objectives the same that he has in the movie as well as keeping to the actual events in prompts. However, I am planning to diverge from canon at the end of the movie and take Altaaf AU. It is a Bollywood film, and so it has a nice, happy ending with the evil Hilal destroyed and Altaaf reconciled with his adoptive father and childhood sweetheart. And that's good, I liked it, but it is a bit simplistic of an ending, and more to the point it would limit what I can write after, seeing as I do prefer less neat endings.

Do I mind taking him AU? No, in doing so, it will open up more possibilities for Altaaf and still give him a danger to be avoided and maybe eventually confronted, plus he will also have more opportunity to interact with others and continue his friendship with Ryan. Once their current thread is done, and Altaaf has things to think about as well as dealing with some issues presented in canon, I'll be ready to let him take that different route.
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