Aug. 9th, 2010

seesonlysmoke: (Ammi's death)
For the past hour Altaaf had been trying to pray. He knelt on his prayer mat in his room at Ryan's rock house, but nothing would come.

This time it wasn't just his own doubts and conflicts with the path he had taken and the lies he had been told in God's name, but a broader picture. While much media had focused on the flooding in Pakistan, he had also seen that heavy rains had also caused similar flooding in Kashmir. And at a time when protests and unrest against the Indian government had sparked violent demonstrations -- protests that Altaaf couldn't but feel a little responsible for having been manipulated by Hilal's lies.

Why was Allah doing this to his people? Was He punishing them for his own mistakes, for the deaths he had caused?

With a heavy sigh and tears in his eyes -- although whether they were for himself or his fellow Kashmiris, not even he was sure-- he stood and rolled up the mat, abandoning his evening prayers for the first time he could remember.

Did Allah not even care?


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