Jun. 4th, 2009

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Who or what is your muse angry about? Altaaf is angry at two things, what he sees as the illegal occupation of Kashmir by India and also his adoptive father, Inayat Khan.

Why? His opposition to Indian rule has been developed from the fact that police killed his parents and sister while hunting a terrorist fighting for Kashmir's independence, but it was nurtured when Altaaf fled to Pakistan and attended a madrassa and later a training camp. Connected to this, and the main driving force for his anger and hate, is his grief and betrayal by the Kashmiri police chief, Inayat Khan who led the raid on Altaaf's family home, murdering his family, and then adopted Altaaf. It was after Altaaf discovered the truth that he fled,

What is the most outrageous thing they have ever done? He has recently flown to America with a pretty Texan girl.

How does your muse foresee their end? He fully expects, and welcomes the fact, that he will die, martyring himself, in pursuit of jihad This is why his mentor, Hilal Kohastani, sets him up to be the key part of Mission: Kashmir; Altaaf doesn't worry about death, as long as he gets a chance to kill Khan before that happens.

If they are mortal or Immortal, describe this in detail. Altaaf is mortal.

Does your muse believe in magic? He enjoys simple magic tricks, but as far as greater magic is concerned, no. Anything mysterious or unexplainable can be attributed to Allah.

Is your muse religious? What religion, if any, do they practice? Yes, he is Muslim, and through his education in Pakistan, an extremist. However, although Altaaf will adamantly swear that he is devoted to Islam and is fighting for his belief, it really is his thirst for revenge that is the greater driver. This has been manipulated by Hilal, and Altaaf is fully indoctrinated and brainwashed in the way his revenge and faith have been inextricably entwined in his mind.

Is it formal or casual? Even though he's been indoctrinated into fundamentalist Islam, and through that believes that terrorism is a way of carrying out Allah's wishes, his practices are a blend of formal and casual. He and Hilal pray together, and he obeys the tenets as they've been taught to him as well as observing things such as haram foods. He can't worship formally in a mosque as it would be too public for him, as a wanted terrorist. Altaaf is tolerant of other religions. His adoptive mother is Hindu, and she used to take him to the temple as a child, as well as the mosque, not that he lets that be known amongst his brotheers.


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