Apr. 16th, 2009

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Ficlet: With there being so much focus on faith this week, it seems only right to ask you to take us into this side of you muse for a glimpse of how religion touches them, if it does at all.

Religion touches every part of my life. It is the heart of life in Kashmir, and it is also a cause of the problems. I am Muslim and, as one who was born and lived in India controlled Kashmir, like many Muslims here, I would like for my country to be joined with our brothers on the other side of the Line of Control.

When I was adopted by the Khan's, I learned that while my adoptive father was a Muslim, but I was very surprised that my mother was Hindu. I really couldn't believe that a Muslim and a Hindu got married, and it made me curious. Nilu, my mother would take me to the mosque, and she would also take me with her so that she could pray to her gods at the temple. I remember those times as being happy, and I still feel fortunate that I had that chance to see that Hindus really aren't any different. Indeed, while I hate her husband, I still dearly love my ammi, Nilu.

Then, when I was eleven, everything changed. I discovered that the man I had come to call abba was the man who murdered my family. I tried to kill him, and when I couldn't I ran. That was when I was found by Hilal Kohastani, a Pathan and devout Muslim. He raised me and taught me truly about Islam and jihad, and he showed me that I could fight for Allah and free my people in Kashmir. Hilal was mujahaddeen in Afghanistan against the Soviets. They tortured him, and his survival then gives me the strength to know that I can be his missile, and Allah's weapon of destruction.

I have nothing to lose, my faith is all that I have. And if it guarantees that Khan-saab will die, then I am more than happy to do whatever Allah wills of me.
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Would you rather keep moving or settle down? Why or why not?

I have moved so many times in my life. The first was when my parents and sister were murdered, and I was adopted by a police officer and his wife who had recently lost their own son. When I found out that police officer had led the attack on my parents' home, I ran away. Since then my life has been on the move from a madrassa to following Hilal.

Now I am back in Kashmir, but that still doesn't mean I am not moving. We move from safehouse to safehouse because if the police find us, they will kill us.

Sometimes, I think about how nice it would be to settle down. I know it's impossible, but I still think about it. I know just how it should look because I drew the picture a long time ago. It is a red house, up in the mountains where there's snow, except for the green cricket pitch. With me is Sufi, and we would both be so happy.

I was a child when I drew that picture, and I have not been that child for a long time.
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List it all. Tattoos, piercings, scars, jewelry, and any other weird thing you've done to yourself. What adorns your flesh that sets you apart from all the other kids?

I have scars. The two most noticeable are the one on my left hand and the one just above my left eye. I sustained these both in battles, and I will gladly take more in this war to be successful.

I also have two thumbs on my right hand. The extra one curves inwards from my main thumb. It doesn't bother me, and it doesn't hinder me in any way.

But I didn't chose those for myself. The scars were given by enemies, and my extra thumb by Allah.


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