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I hope you have a wonderful day! I will make us dinner and look after you today. The word is 'pamper' isn't it?

Also, I didn't know what to get you , so I made you a drawing. *gives her a picture frame wrapped in paper* It's a pencil sketch I did of you and Rocker, when you were resting against him the other day.

(OOC: And mun apologizes for being a day late!)

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OOC: OMG! This did not show up for me until now! I checked the friends list and there was nothing! How weird! Plus, I had a notif setting for it to poke me when he posted. I wonder what else I am missing?

"Oh, Altaaf! It is so beautiful! Thank you, and yes, the word is pamper, and I like the sound of that." Ryan rewarded him with one smoking hot kiss.

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OOC: No worries, I'm so far behind. I'm not sure what else is going astray, but I think I might be missing some as well.

Altaaf grinned, gasping after that scorching kiss. "First, I have run a bath for you, with bubbles and salts." Of course, he doesn't say that he may have over done them just a bit.

Date: 2012-02-26 02:17 am (UTC)
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" A bath? That sounds SO, so good." Ryan was always on the go, so she usually took showers. "Oh, Altaaf! This is so beautiful! I love it! Look, Rocker!" She turned to show it to the big dog, who barked, and then kept barking over by the door. "Okay, mutt, chill out." Silly dog!

"It is beautiful, and I couldn't ask for a better present, because it came from you."

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"I'm happy to do anything for you." Altaaf gave her another kiss, this one tender as opposed to smoking hot, but still enough to make the air conditioning work harder.

"Come on." Taking her hand, he led her back to her bathroom. There was a mountain of bubbles in the bathtub, enough for Ryan to risk getting lost in as well as a some stray ones floating in the air, and a few trying to escape across the floor. His eye for careful measurement might leave something to be desired, but nothing could fault the Kashmiri's enthusiasm.

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Ryan was laughing, because there were enough bubbles for three baths. The hot kiss had her giddy, and she decided that maybe what they needed was to make a real mess out of the bathroom.

"Come in with me." She whispered the suggestion in his ear, running her hand up his strong chest.

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"I..." Altaaf felt himself blush furiously at her suggestion as he was still becoming used to her much more open sexuality, but he smiled. "I would like that very much." He enjoyed the touch of her fingers on his skin, but then took hold of her hand, turning towards her, hungry for another kiss.

"Can I undress you, please?" He would have probably blushed again had not most of his blood been rushing to somewhere further south.

Date: 2012-05-11 04:15 am (UTC)
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"I think that would be perfect." He was relaxing, more and more, with her. It was wonderful to see, and to be a part of. His sexuality was becoming more and more free, more open, and he was proving to be a very creative lover, even if sometimes he instinctively did things, not realizing it would lead where it did. This bath was a good example, because a more experienced man might have meant for this to go that way, from the beginning.

Ryan kissed him, then broke it by pulling back and holding her arms out for him to remove her clothing. The smile on her face was both wicked and inviting, and she couldn't help but notice his arousal.

Date: 2012-05-15 08:49 pm (UTC)
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Oh, the thrill that went through him when she agreed. Altaaf was just realizing, in a way he had never thought of before, that the more they had sex and the more they were just intimate even, the more he wanted her. And, he also found, he was enjoying trying new things with her. Things, such as this bath, that he wouldn't have even associated with sex before.

With slightly nervous fingers, he pulled Ryan's top over her arms and head, and then with slightly nervous fingers, he slowly worked on the hooks of her bra. Not to tease but so he wouldn't fumble. Altaaf was getting better at it, and eventually the bra was soon slipping from her shoulders as well. His gaze was on her lovely breasts, adoring them, and very gently, he ran his fingers around them and down her torso. He sank onto his knees as he unbuttoned her jeans, and as he pushed the denim off of her hips, he looked up at her. "You're so beautiful." Despite how free he was becoming, there was still that part of him that cared about modesty and needed her reassurance when so close to her most intimate regions.

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"You make me feel beautiful, Altaaf. Everytime you look at me." She kicked out of her sandals, and stepped out of her jeans and panties that had slid down. Looking down, she smiled, and ran her fingers through his hair. "You have too many clothes on."

Ryan thought about undressing him, as well, but this was her birthday, and he was the one leading the game. So she backed up to the edge of the large tub, and gave him a wink as she stepped in. The water was silky and really warm, just perfect for what she had in mind. When she sat down, the massive bubbles almost came to her head, and she laughed, a free and joyful sound. "You better hurry and get in here, before I get lost in all these!"

All he could probably see was her hand up, finger crooked and beckoning him to join her.

Date: 2012-06-13 01:57 pm (UTC)
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Altaaf managed to drag his eyes away from her very reluctantly and look down at himself. He smiled, nodding slightly as he met her eyes again. "Yes, I think I am overdressed." He wore a loose-fitting blue kameez shirt over his jeans that was easy to pull off and then stepped out of his jeans as Ryan stepped into the cloud of bubbles. He hesitated briefly before slipping his underwear off as well.

"I'll find you!" And he laughed as he saw her beckoning finger from out of the bubbles. Batting some of the mass of bubbles away, he climbed into the bath, his arms outstretched as he felt for her. The water was perfect and so very soothing. "It feels good?" He hoped it did.

He was actually crouching down in the bath behind her, unsure of how to sit. "Shall I put my legs around you?" His hands, though were on her shoulders and sliding gently along her arms and upper back. Spitting out some bubbles that had got right in his face, he tried to push them away, so that he could nuzzled against her neck. "I want to give you pleasure."

Date: 2012-06-29 02:25 am (UTC)
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"It feels wonderful." Ryan loved how sweet and inexperienced Altaaf was, how genuine. When he got in the tub, she turned around, batting bubbles out of her face, grinning like a goof at his attempt to figure out how to sit with her. "Yes, come here...just like this."

She guided him, to sit behind her and she let her head lie back against his shoulder. "Heavenly. This is just perfect, Altaaf." Ryan was so comfortable, there, not feeling at all nervous or worried about anything setting him of. Some of her past lovers could be mercurial, to say the least. Altaaf was steady, and so gentle with her. It was as warm and relaxing as the silky water around them.

"Do you?" Her voice grew low and husky, as she tipped her head back to nuzzle along his jaw. "Maybe we could play 'Ryan's Anatomy', here." Boldly, she took his hands in her wet ones, wrapping her fingers around and teasing his palms as she guided him. "Now, let's see...we could start here..."

Ryan moved her hands, holding his, up to her breasts, and guided his fingers to cup over her nipples. "This is a very pleasurable place."

Date: 2012-07-13 01:17 pm (UTC)
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"It is perfect." Altaaf smiled at his lover. The silkiness of the warm, soapy water and warmth of Ryan's body was sheer bliss. "I don't think I would rather be anywhere else but here, with you." He kissed her neck gently as he nodded to her question.

He then looked at her with a smile and a slight quizzical frown at what 'Ryan's Anatomy' might entail, but he had a good idea, anyway, that it would probably be a lot of fun and very enjoyable. So, he watched as she took his hands until she had placed them so perfectly over her breasts. "Yes, it is." His voice had also suddenly grown huskier. Thanks to the soap, his hands glided so very smoothly over them, and he loved the feel of her as fingertips brushed over her nipples, feeling them tighten, although it was far from cold.

Between them, Ryan would surely feel his own reaction as his erection grew hard and big, pressing against her. His mouth reached for hers for a deep and senuous kiss, not even realizing that his hands became bolder in response, playing more firmly with her breasts, teasing her nipples a little more as his kiss deepened further.

Date: 2012-08-01 03:31 pm (UTC)
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"I'm glad, because I don't want you to go anywhere else." Ryan gave him a little growl, and laugh, showing him that she was only kidding a little. She was, right now, the dominant person in this relationship, but that did not mean he was any kind of a wimp...oh, no! Ryan was sure that as he spent more time with her, and explored his world, he would become more secure and confident. That was something to look forward to, though she enjoyed his sweet shyness, now.

Ryan tried to be a good teacher, and focus on the lesson, but his fingers on her sensitive nipples made her moan softly. The man was a natural, she had to give him that. She had good teachers, particularly Alex, who showed her how to enjoy her body. Now she was there to help him shed some of that reserve, but not all of it, as his shyness was very sexy. But maybe his freedom to embrace his sexuality would help him let go of other things that haunted him. Confidence was sexy, and his unique mix of that with shyness was very, very appealing.

Ryan took the kiss, her tongue dancing with his. Oh, she definitely felt his response, and the fact that he wasn't pulling back from her showed his growing well as other growth. The man was built, in every way, and she was a lucky, lucky girl. Gently, she pulled his hand down, over her belly, to between her legs. Ryan took his index finger, and guided it with her own, to find her clitoris, and that first brush made her gasp, breaking the kiss.

"Feel that? There?" Her breathing was more rapid, and her voice low and husky. "For a woman, that is a very special place on her body...for pleasure. Clitoris...the feels wonderful when you touch me there." She turned in the tub, sliding a little as water sloshed over the side. "My body was made for your body. It's are perfect." It wasn't easy to keep the contact of his fingers, which she was trying to touch his cock, to stroke him. Leaning up, she kissed him, then murmured. "You can make a woman come, just touching her, give her pleasure that makes her so happy. You are so beautiful, Altaaf. Such a wonderful lover."

Date: 2012-08-31 11:13 am (UTC)
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It was Ryan's moans as much as anything that helped boost his confidence. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that it was his touch that elicited those sounds. She was a very good teacher in Altaaf's opinion. This was making love that she was teaching him, and he knew that the clumsy attempt at sex with Sufi had been nothing like this. Yes, he was still shy around the female was too ingrained in him and his culture not to be...but the perfectly natural biological responses his body was answering where getting louder and letting him explore under Ryan's gentle and alluring instruction.

His hand was reluctant to leave her breast, but he didn't resist as she guided him down her soft, smooth body. He was amazed that such a slight touch between her legs could cause such a reaction from her...and he liked it. His lips were still close to hers, wanting more kisses like that one, as she spoke. "Clit-o-ris." He repeated the word slowly, and in his deep, accented voice, he managed to find a way to make the word sound sexy.

As Ryan turned in the tub, he automatically reached his hand out to steady her. He shook his head slightly. "You are perfect, wonderful...beautiful." His fingers slowly, almost cautiously, inched back between her thighs as he wanted to touch her again and bring forth another gasp of pleasure like before. His quest was interrupted by a moan of his own as she took hold of him, her masterful strokes distracting him in a lovely way. For a time, he lost himself in her kiss and her touch. With all the troubles he had endured in his life, finally he had found a place of such happiness her in her arms.

"I want to see you come." Altaaf spoke in no more than a whisper, still shy about his request, but suddenly very aware that he wanted to know how to bring such a pleasure to her. "I want to do that to you...with just my touch." His fingers had already brushed across her thatch of hair and were tentatively exploring those lips. "Tell me how." He might have been able to figure it out for himself, but he didn't want to hurt her in some clumsy way....besides, her instructions were sexy in themselves.

Date: 2012-09-23 11:40 pm (UTC)
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Oh, yes, he did make the word sound very sexy, and Ryan arched her back, enough so that she could kiss him, and she just couldn't seem to stop kissing him. Those lips of his were so soft and tasted so good. He was so unjaded, and he took such pleasure in foreplay, where many men rushed through it to get to intercourse. Altaaf really, truly, savored every touch. He was so lovely, so much fun. That open and fun nature was much better than all of the cool, smooth kinds of guys in the world.

His whisper that he wanted to see her her come, thrilled her down to her toes. She decided to give into that, because...well, why not? Ryan moved to lean back against him, a bit to the side, so that he could see her face. Ryan took hold of his hand, and moved it back between her legs, and that carefully trimmed thatch of reddish curls. His erection was against her hip, and she purred at the feeling of heat and hardness. Ryan guided one hand around her slippery breast and one that was between her legs. Altaaf already knew how to play with her nipples, so she focused on his fingers on her clit, sighing and moaning softly.

"Just brush...there...your thumb and that. You can slide one or two fingers inside of me, in rhythm, that feels so good. Faster or slower, whatever you like, but...oh, yes, like that. It feels so gooood. Altaaf, oh, yes..." In no time, she was losing her ability to talk, just sliding against his body as she writhed beneath his fingers. The young Kasmiri was a natural at pleasuring a woman, and in no time, he got the response from her that he said he wanted. Her eyes closed, and she intentionally turned her face towards his, so he could watch her reaction to his efforts.

Date: 2012-10-08 08:11 am (UTC)
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He was a very good student, diligent in his studies, and he listened to everything Ryan told him to do. At first his fingers were a little -- just a little! -- awkward as he thought more about following her instructions rather than just 'going with it'. But once she started moaning and sliding against him his fingers seemed to know just what to do.

As Altaaf explored her deep folds, brushing over that swollen nub, and then slowly breaching her entrance with two of his fingers, just as she told him, his other hand was massaging her breast, the tips of his fingers catching and pulling on her hard nipples. Inside her, his fingers were so deliciously warm and wet as he began stroking her, her moans and writhing body all he needed for encouragement. Even how she was moving against him, the water and bubbles making their bodies slick and without friction, was arousing as she pressed up against his aching cock. For a moment, he wasn't entirely sure he would be able to control his own growing need, but the young Kashmiri was determined he would give Ryan this pleasure all to herself, and enjoy watching her.

He was watching her very closely for even the smallest sign of her release. The first was when she closed her eyes. There was such a look of pure bliss on her, it was closer to sheer ecstasy. Altaaf kept up his movements as he felt her body tense against his for a moment...then he felt it, saw it. Ryan was even more beautiful than ever as she let go of herself, and inside her, he was amazed to feel her body pulse around his fingers. It was such an incredible sight to see her in the throes of her orgasm, and even more so to know that he had given her that pleasure.

He kissed her as she came down from that high and reluctantly withdrew his fingers from that lovely moist space. Looking at her, he thought he had done pretty well, but he wanted to know just how much she had liked it. "Was that good?"

Date: 2012-10-21 05:11 pm (UTC)
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He was a wonderful student. The high of orgasm mixed with the high of knowing that she was helping him uncover his sexuality and a freedom to be himself. The very shy, self doubting young man was becoming more and more confident and open, more free. She knew that it was a very American thing, to think that everyone should be more free, more individualistic. Ryan didn't want to change Altaaf, or undo the peace and joy of his faith. She just wanted to take that haunted look from his eyes, and help him enjoy his life, a life that was miraculously his, and here with her.

The thrumming eased in her body, and yet, she was just as aroused, knowing that now, it was his turn for her to pleasure. But the water, as lovely as it was, was not right for that. Friction...ah, that lovely thing...she remembered that Frankie explained it to her, at great length, discussing how waterbeds sucked for sex. That word also came up in a blow job lesson from Alex. Ah, the good old days...but these were better.

"Better than good. Oh, Altaaf, are a natural." Ryan turned over in the water, sending small waves over the side. "You make me so happy. I've never been this happy." It was true, too. "Come with me. I have something I really, really want to do, and can't, in the water." She stood in the tub, showing off her body to its best advantage, all wet and slick. She had been working out with him, and where there had once been soft bits, resulting from her not dancing any longer, she now had strength and lean, but curvy, lines.

"Don't dry off." Ryan led him over to the long, full length mirror. She took a couple of folded towels and put them on the floor, then knelt on them. In the dim lights, the scene was beautiful. Ryan wanted him to see...while he felt. Altaaf needed to see pleasure, feel it, love it. He was already like a kid in a candy store...and she wanted

Date: 2012-10-25 10:54 am (UTC)
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If Altaaf had thought before that he would feel so happy and good about giving Ryan that much pleasure and that delighted look on her face, it paled in comparison to how good it actually made him feel. Not only did he want to feel that warm, flushed glow for himself, but he wanted to see it on Ryan's face again and again. Who would have thought that sex could be this wonderful, especially after his less-than-satisfying first time. Ryan was opening up a whole new world for him, and he was enthusiastically following her into it.

Her praise for him touched him as he smiled at her, holding her as she turned. "I know that I have never been this happy either, and I want to keep making you happy." He looked up as she stood, the heat in his eyes as he took in her beautiful, glistening body which only aroused him even more. "Okay." He spoke softly, knowing he would do anything she wanted."

Once Ryan was out of the bath, he stood and stepped out. While he was so very aware of how fit and lithe her body was, he didn't seem to notice how muscular and ripped he was himself...or at least, he didn't notice the effect that those wet muscles could have on someone else. Yes, he worked out, and yes, he took pride in being fit and strong, but unlike so many bodybuilders, he simply did not have the ego to show it off.

Altaaf didn't dry off and slowly came around her to stand in front of her, his expression full of curiosity. The water still on him highlighted the contours of his muscles, but there was one muscle that did not need it as his erection was as hard and large as ever. As she knelt he had an inkling of what Ryan had in mind, but wasn't fully sure and wasn't one to presume. "Like this?"

Date: 2012-11-13 02:51 am (UTC)
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"Exactly like this." Ryan chuckled, low and wicked, and looked up at him with those emerald eyes of hers...the Jacks eyes. It was very, very true that Carolina had always been the stunning beauty of the Jacks, and Elizabeth was sure to follow, but Ryan had grown in confidence and power, and that was very sexy, especially with a man who knew so little of women,

The water sliding down Altaaf's muscles was very hot.m especially in the moon and candlelight. "I want for you to watch...see what I do, and watch yourself. See your pleasure, and mine..."

She shook her wet hair back, behind her shoulders, and used her hands on Altaaf's ass to guide him, until she had the perfect angle. Now, she could go slow ans sweet, or she could really roll his eyes back in his lead,

Choice was not that difficult.

"Ryan swirled her tongue around the head, and all up and down the shaft. Licks and light sucks, a nip or two, then she sucked him all the way down her throat. It was quite a picture foe him, in that mirror. Her full, red lips all around him, head up so he can see her throat working around him.

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Date: 2012-11-19 11:06 am (UTC)
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Altaaf didn't fully grasp what she meant by watching and seeing not only his pleasure by hers as well, and he glanced over to the mirror, wondering quite what he would see. Even then, before Ryan started, it was quite a picture to see her kneeling in front of him with his erection between them. He let her guide him into position.

He moaned when she took him into her mouth, the sensation of such wet heat, not to mention the suction that soon followed was so incredible. Looking down, he met those beautiful green eyes with his soft hazel ones and touched her hair. There were licks and sucks, and then nips that made him gasp, and yes, roll his eyes back. Then Altaaf remembered he should be watching the mirror, and in it he saw what he hadn't realized before. Watching Ryan like this, and himself, was perhaps the most erotic act he had ever seen. They were beautiful, and he could see all that she was doing to him.

He moaned louder as he felt himself deep within her throat and felt her working her muscles around him...could see her doing that as well. His hand on her head, gripped a little tighter, more to steady himself. "Oh, Ryan....this is....oh god..." He slipped into murmuring Kashmiri endearments, and he tried to continue watching as his body tensed and his head rolled back, and he came hard. Only as he finished did he manage to look at their reflections again.

Date: 2012-12-08 03:02 am (UTC)
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Ryan absolutely loved his reactions. Nothing about Altaaf was fake or rehearsed. The Kashmiri had a way of saying things that was so innocent, and yet so alluring and erotic, and Ryan came to realize why she had been so appealing to Frankie and Alex. Youth, beauty, freshness and that unbridled, honest Ryan was the one leading the way, and that was a heady aphrodisiac for her.

She swallowed him down, giving him a wicked grin as she rose up, kissing her way up from his oh-so-happy trail all the way up to his neck. He was much taller than she was, but they just fit perfectly together, in so many ways. It was funny that they rarely argued, and hardly ever disagreed about many things. They had great sex, but they also just hung out, enjoying the quiet company. It was kind of how Nicky and Caro were, except they had a houseful of yard apes running around.

"That was the best. See how much fun mirrors can be? That's why some people put them over their beds." She gave him a flirty little eyebrow waggle, then laughed. "Now that we've been clean, and dirty, you want to go into town? I heard that they opened a new Indian food place, and thought we might try it, for lunch, then come back and watch a movie and have dinner. By the way, by Indian, I mean our Indians...the Native Americans. They are having a pow wow to celebrate and all."
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Date: 2013-01-03 03:16 pm (UTC)
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His chest rose and fell noticeably as he recovered, and despite his muscular build, his legs felt more than a little wobbly. Altaaf looked down as Ryan slowly rose to meet him. Unlike hers, his smile wasn’t wicked but full of wonder and pleasure. He just hadn’t known that sex could be so much fun until he had met her, and she was showing him so many delights, things he would never have thought of doing, and from the look in her eyes, she was enjoying showing him just as much.

He wrapped his strong arms around her, resting his chin on her head as she nuzzled him and his breathing returned to normal. She was his lover, yes, but she was so much more, mostly his friend as well, and she had opened his eyes to so many things, not just sexual ones. He dipped his head to kiss her. “I never realized…I could see everything. You were…are so beautiful, Ryan.” His eyes widened at the thought of mirrors over the bed as his imagination took over, and he pictured watching himself and Ryan making love in the same way he had just watched this. He smiled, a little shyly, but he was becoming more used to talking about sexual matters. “I think I might like that.”

It puzzled him at first that she should take him to an Indian restaurant as his mind went, naturally, to the Indian food he was more familiar with, and as they had various curries quite regularly, he wondered why this restaurant should be so special. Ryan had told him once how good sex could work up a different sort of appetite, and she wasn’t wrong as he realized he was quite hungry. “You mean Indians, like in the old movies? With bows and arrows?” He wasn’t exactly culturally sensitive, and the only Native Americans he was remotely familiar with were the stereotypes on screen. “What kind of food do they have? I’d love to go!”

Date: 2013-01-28 10:31 pm (UTC)
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"Mmmm, I think I would like that, too, because you are beautiful, yourself." It still surprised Ryan at how relaxed she was with Altaaf. He was a jihadist, true, and a soldier, but she never felt like he was perpetually dangerous, like she did with Frankie...and sometimes Alex. But then, he wasn't a complete psycho like Frankie, either.

Ryan laughed and led him to the bedroom to get dressed, pulling on some panties from her drawer and some shorts. After she pulled a T shirt on, she bent down to put on sandals. "Yes, Native Americans. Mostly around here it was the Apache and Navaho tribes. They have this fry bread that is so good, and they can put all kinds of meats and beans and things on them. It is kind of like Mexican food, but not so spicy." Altaaf took to Mexican cuisine like a duck to water, so he should like this just fine.


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